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Glossy Blue Natural Pearl Powder Pigment for Eye shadow Nail Polish Glitter Pearlescent Powder Dye Soap Pigment Paint 500g Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Item Type Nail Glitter
Material mica powder
Brand Name Dofuny
Quantity 500g
NET WT 500g/bag
Model Number pearl pigment



 Colorful Mica Powder  Pearlescent Pigment  Nail glitter

DIY Soap pigment Pearl 500g




Coating Pigment,nail polish(nails  cosmetic materialmakeup,


soap,printing,advertising,plates,safety signs,traffic barriers,Plastic & Rubber Pigment,Leather Pigments,Nail Polish, Painting Crafts, Resin, jewelry, Stamping ,Scrapbooking,underground parking, ballroom decoration,architectural decoration, fishing gear, etc.

need bright colors application areas and so on                                     

                                       500g/bag(one color)

                                                     package:plastic OPP bag



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What is pearl powder?

Natural mica pearlescent pigments are thin outer covering of metal oxides to produce a new type of pearl luster pigments, it can reproduce the natural pearls, shells, coral and metal and has brilliant colors. Microscopic transparent, flat points without relying on light refraction, reflection, transmission to the performance of color and light.
Pearlescent pigments non-toxic, high temperature resistance, light, acid, not spontaneous, non-combustion, non-conductive, non-migrating, to meet the different needs of the coatings, plastics, ink, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper, cosmetics and other industries, make these industries more brilliant and beautiful appearance, light Korea shine on people.
Pearlescent pigments mixed with the more transparent material, more able to produce a beautiful pearl luster, can also be mixed with transparent pigments or dyes to get the appropriate shade, but should avoid opaque masking ingredients or strong pigment mixed , such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigments, so as not to affect the pearlescent effect. Color series of pearlescent pigments to follow the principles of color mixing to produce a variety of pearl luster.
Pearlescent pigments as non-metallic functional green pigment, based on 100% dry powder delivery, easy uniform dispersion. According to the particle size and there are many types of products and the particle size can affect the pearlescent particle size larger than the pearlescent flashing, masking weak, small particle size showed a soft satin luster, and has a good masking force.